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Watercolor House Personalized Platter, New Home Gift

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Send us a photo of your house and let us do the rest! Design is completed with family name and address. Image is digitally printed; no actual watercolors are used on platter. 



Made of durable thermoset plastic
Microwave Safe
Safe for use in Convection or Conventional Ovens
Dishwasher-Safe (Commercial & Residential)
BPA- Free
Contains No Melamine or Formaldehyde
300°F < 60 Minutes
100% Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Not ceramic.


Although your dinnerware is dishwasher safe, repeated dishwashing or extended contact with acidic foods may cause darker colors to fade. We recommend no heated drying, and to hand wash and dry when possible.

Sharp utensils and serrated knives can cause scratches or nicks on the surface.

Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, as they may damage the high gloss finish.

  • Microwave Safe
  • Made of durable thermoset plastic